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Uncover the magnificent tradition of Jaisalmer with Rojani Resort in jaisalmer, which provides an unforgettable experience in Jaisalmer Resort, if planning to camp in Jaisalmer.

Rojani Resort welcomes you to ‘Jaisalmer’ the land of the bygone era famously known for its vibrant and colorful culture. The city has too much to offer, the music and dance is the crucial element of their culture which is amalgamated with terrific past culture, distinct social customs, and classical music. The language, tradition, and culture are to an extent provoked by the neighboring culture of Sind. The real essence of the city depends on its architecture, culture, music, cuisines, traditions, crafts, and dresses that force people worldwide to once taste the enticing and peaceful life of the desert.

Jaisalmer found its roots when it was established by the Maharawal Jaisal Singh, Yadav King, during the 12th century. The city thus got its name ‘Jaisalmer’ after the former ruler who managed this desert city in the middle of the Thar Desert. Today the city is known as Golden city fascinates several visitors around the world every year.

Some of the famous traditional dishes of Rajasthan include Ker Sangri, Kadi Pakora, Naan, Murgh-e-Subz, Bhanon Aloo, Vegetable Kebab, Mint Sauce, and Tandoor Thali. Apart from this, other things that attract you more towards Jaisalmer are- Handcrafted Garments and Bed Sheets, Camel Leather Products, Jooties, Jholas, and Cotton Embroidery, Bandhani, Woven Jackets, Puppets, Silver Jewelry Handcrafted Garments and Bed Sheets, Blankets, Rugs, Shawls, Antiques, Oil Lamps, Hand Made Rings, Rajasthani Mirror Work, Crystals and Rare Mineral Specimen – Zeolite, Bead Work, Old Stonework, Carved Wooden Boxes, Trickles, and Curios.

The city is identified by its appealing yellowish brownstone architecture, making it appear intense and alive. The innovative and intricate craftsmanship performed on these walls and pillars connect us to ancient times, and is another reason why the huge crowd visit here every year. This beautiful city consists of immense palaces and forts, where the architectural working is done on another level which will blow your mind.

Don’t forget to leave Jaisalmer fort, if you are planning to visit Jaisalmer. One of the most crowded spots of Jaisalmer, which exists like a sandcastle in the middle of the desert, and is the only fort that is the abode of so many people who are actually living there. The fort is also beautified with restaurants, hotels, and guesthouses, that are allowed for visitors for free. The Patwa Haveli and the Salim Singh Haveli are also worth visiting.

Detached approximately 30 km far from the Golden city Rojani Desert camp in jaisalmer is situated amid the serene beauty of the Thar desert. Rojani Resort surrounded by the pristine beauty of dunes is the abode of Rajasthani culture and friendliness, that introduces you to the insight of the kings of Jaisalmer in just 10 minutes.

Rojani Resort is the hub that offers you commodious roof tents, Rajasthani baithak including cushions and mattress, and scrumptious dining space in the mid of the camp with breath-taking and palatable cuisines.

The motive of Rojani Resort is the happiness of their visitors, by providing them the best of best service and stay, that undoubtedly be remembered by them for a lifetime.

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Camp in Jaisalmer

Rojani Resort explores the Rajasthani Culture

Rojani Resort will be included in your topmost and favorite list once you visited this captivating spot during your vacation. We assure to connect you to the Marwari culture and tradition, making your visit exceptional and memorable for a lifetime. Rojani Resort is crafted away from the chaotic atmosphere, the distance can be hassle-free covered by both Jaisalmer Railway Station and Jaisalmer Airport. This is not the end, we commence our service, related to picking up whether from railway station or airport, just a few days before your arrival.

Camping in Jaisalmer has never been this much pleasurable, as you experience with Rojani Resort. A Jaisalmer Camp package includes all the attractions and sophisticated history, culture, and traditions of the Rajput state. If one is done with their mundane lifestyle and wants to experience a historical, memorable, and cultural journey, that is blended with heart-touching dance, delicious cuisines, and music then camping in Jaisalmer should never go off from your mind.

So, if you want to explore the real world of Kings and Queens without sacrificing the luxury of a model hotel, then Rojani Resort will surely turn out the great choice for you in whose beauty and moments you will be lost forever.

Are you looking for Desert camp in Jaisalmer?

Rojani resort is well known award winnning desert camp in jaisalmer Located 40km from jaisalmer. Access swimming pool build in mid of 3 acres of desert land. Rojani Resort have a private dunes rested in the midst of jaisalmer desert camp, to settle down your fun to perfection. The peace, serenity, delights, and satisfaction are some of the paramount factors that endures until your Jaisalmer camp package comes to an end. The camp stretch over a calm spot that guarantees the adieu of disorders, crowds, or noises. Just you, embraced with the tranquil beauty of dunes where miseries are not allowed.

jaisalmer camp booking

Jaisalmer Camp Booking

jaisalmer camp package

Wait! This is not the end of fun, there is more to come. Our Jaisalmer camp package is mainly for two days and one night, during this interval you will get back to a royal time which one glance is enough to make your day. So, our camping in Jaisalmer package begins once you enter our wonderland, the day will start with the amusement adventures like camel safari, stargazing, jeep safari, candlelight dinner of Rajasthani cuisines, Rajasthani music and dance, khaba fort, kuldhara village, and longwall post. The destinations are so fascinating that your inner photographer will surely come out.

Through camel and jeep safari you will gather information about Jaisalmer tradition, culture, and history holding happiness besides. In addition, Rajon Resort believes in “Atithi Devo Bhava” and therefore, once you fully learned the cultural world of Jaisalmer through camel and Jeep safari, and return to the camp, we welcome you with ‘Tilak and Dhol’ at the entrance, thereafter, with some welcoming drinks and refreshments between the soul of Rojani Resort, where happiness never ends.

So, confirm your Jaisalmer camp booking, and push yourself out from the tedious schedule to notice the real natural world, which is perfect in its way, where the beauty of infinite sand dunes dumbstruck you, and make you feel that heaven is lying under your feet.

jaisalmer camp package
camping in jaisalmer
camping in jaisalmer

Rojani Resort has been specially built with private swimming pool on camp in jaisalmer with the feeling of giving the Camping in Jaisalmer. Jaisalmer Camp A heavy mix of romance and grandeur, it promises to offer a never before leisure and luxury with breathtaking interior and magnanimous architecture Jaisalmer desert safari.

We at ‘Rojani Resort’ are the abode of true Rajasthani culture and hospitality. We believe in serving our guests with warmth and love. We ensure that our guests see and experience the true vibrant colors and warm hospitality of Jaisalmer. Our emphasis is on taking complete care of various requirements of the travelers from all over India and the world who visit our desert camp in Jaisalmer.

Working since more than a decade, Rojani Resort spreads a sense of imperial beauty with our majestic comfort. Experience the supreme lifetime of the Kings of Jaisalmer being just 10 minutes away from the sand dunes. Visit our desert camping resort and check your bucket list, going on adventure sports. While being welcomed amidst traditional people with modern convenience, relish the food. Living in a camp fort, understand the culture and royalty of the place with our courteous and diligent staff.

1. What makes Jaisalmer famous?
Jaisalmer is famous for its stunning architecture, particularly its magnificent sandstone fort known as Jaisalmer Fort or Sonar Quila. The city is also known for its intricate havelis (traditional mansions), vibrant cultural heritage, and the Thar Desert's unique landscapes. You can opt for camel safaris to explore the sand dunes of the Thar Desert. Some tour operators also offer jeep safaris for a more comfortable ride. and desert camp in jaisalmer. Apart from Jaisalmer Fort, some must-visit attractions include Patwon Ki Haveli, Salim Singh Ki Haveli, Gadisar Lake, Bada Bagh, and the various Jain temples within the city. Desert activities like camel rides and desert safaris are also popular.
2 Is it feasible to stay overnight in a desert camp in Jaisalmer?
Indeed, you have the chance to stay in genuine and trusted Jaisalmer Camps, located conveniently opposite the sand dunes. The Rojani Resort camp is a great option to consider. These camps allow you to embrace the comfort of traditional tents, along with immersive cultural showcases, comforting bonfires, and mesmerizing stargazing moments.
3 What is the famous food of Jaisalmer?
In Jaisalmer, you'll find a range of Rajasthani dishes celebrated for their strong flavors and spices. Favorites include dal baati churma, ker sangri, and gatte ki sabzi. Make sure to taste the local treats like ghotua(besan laddu) and mohanthal.
4. Are there any local markets in Jaisalmer?
Sure thing! Jaisalmer has busy markets where you can buy crafts, clothes, jewelry, and souvenirs. The markets near Jaisalmer Fort and Manak Chowk are very famous for their colorful things. You can visit these markets while you're on your Jaisalmer trip, exploring Jaisalmer Fort and Patwon Ki Haveli.
5. When is the best time to visit Jaisalmer?
For a wonderful visit to Jaisalmer, choose the winter months from October to February. During this time, the weather is great for enjoying the city and the desert. Summers can be incredibly hot, so it's better to avoid those months. Also, be prepared for more crowds around Diwali and Christmas, which might mean higher prices.
6. What makes Jaisalmer popular for New Year's celebrations?
Jaisalmer is the perfect destination to usher in the New Year. The open starlit sky becomes the backdrop for a lively DJ party and local cultural shows that bring people together. You can relish a wide range of vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals, featuring a lavish gala dinner complemented by delectable sweets. The festivities are enriched by impressive firework shows and performances by acclaimed singers, enhancing the joyful ambiance of the evening at the ROJANI Resort, the Jaisalmer desert camp.
7. How can I reach Jaisalmer and Sam Sand Dunes?
Jaisalmer can be reached by air, train, and road. The closest airport is Jaisalmer Airport, which has connections to major cities in India. The city is also well-linked by train to different Indian cities. Moreover, there are roadways that connect Jaisalmer to nearby towns and cities. To travel from Jaisalmer to the Sam Desert, you have the option of using public transportation, which charges around 60-70 rupees per person. Alternatively, you can hire a private car for both pickup and drop, typically costing around 2,000 rupees.
8 Are there romantic tour packages for couples in Jaisalmer?
Indeed, Rojani Resort provides comprehensive packages that encompass everything from transportation (pickup and drop) to delightful experiences like stargazing, candlelit dinners, and desert camping. Additionally, the resort offers an attached pool in the midst of the desert for your enjoyment. The package also includes thrilling activities such as Quad Bike Adventure, jeep safaris, parasailing, and camel safaris.
9 What is the most recommended desert camp in Jaisalmer?
Rojani Resort is a prominent choice among the leading desert camps in Jaisalmer. It provides upscale camp accommodations, complemented by enchanting folk music shows by acclaimed singers at night. We offer a wide range of camp options, including those with attached pools, desert settings, and family rooms.